Company History

We are proud to be able to look back on a long company history.

Since the founding of the company in 1846, over 160 years of company history have been written. Here we will describe some of the most important highlights:


1846 Founding of the company by Hermann Bernhard Seissenschmidt.
Production of railroad components, railroad car fittings, screws, bolts and nuts.
1858 Steam engines replace water power.
1860 Following the death of the company founder, his son
Wilhelm Seissenschmidt takes over the leadership of the company.
1882 - 1891 Introduction of electric motors. Expansion of the company site
and addition of 14 drop hammers in the forge.
1893 Establishment of a company health fund, construction of company housing, donation of charitable housing and a hospital to the city of Plettenberg.
1901 After the death of Wilhelm Seissenschmidt his widow, Eleonore, takes over the company leadership, followed in 1917 by their daughter, Anna Engelhard, wife of Medical Counsellor, Dr. Adolf Engelhard.
1924 Change of the corporate form into a family-owned stock company,
H. B. Seissenschmidt AG.
1928 Egenolf Engelhard, great grandson of the company founder,
takes over the leadership of the company.
Founding of the “Medical Counsellor Dr. Adolf Engelhard Foundation” (Sanitätsrat Dr. Adolf Engelhard-Stiftung) for supporting sick and needy employees or surviving dependents.
1933/1934 Expansion of the company by building a modern forging production site.
1948 Re-start of production: fasteners for heating radiators.
1964 - 1976 Investment in the first multi-stage press and commencement of production for forged parts supplied to the automotive industry.
Transfer of the company to the Koebbinghausen industrial area
1993 - 1995 Restructuring from a conventional forge to a fully automatic forging
company under the leadership of Hans-Dieter Gödeke.
1999 Rüdiger Groos and Hermann-Josef Müller join the Management Board of the company.
2001 Change of name to SEISSENSCHMIDT AG and construction of a new logistics center.
Founding of SEISSENSCHMIDT Corporation in the US.
2002 Construction of a new production hall and a training and conference center.
2004 With the investment in a multi-stage press of the type AMP 70 XL HFE, SEISSENSCHMIDT is now equipped with a range of fully-automatic multi-stage presses that is unique worldwide.
At the same time, extensive investments in machining mean that the number of parts supplied as ready-for-assembly components is continuing to increase.
2006 Founding of SEISSENSCHMIDT Components Processing GmbH + Co. KG, which is specialized in machining processes.
SEISSENSCHMIDT once again expands its unique range of fully automatic multi-stage presses by investing in an HM 75 XL HFE.
2007 Founding of the subsidiary SEISSENSCHMIDT Precision Components Kft. in Hungary.
Transfer of conventional hot forging to the new production site.
Building of a production site for the SEISSENSCHMIDT Corporation in Oscoda in the state of Michigan, USA.
2008 SEISSENSCHMIDT Components Processing GmbH + Co. KG undergoes expansion with the construction of a new machining site.
Acquisition of the heat-treatment company Reitz GmbH & Co. KG in Halver, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
2009 Renaming of Reitz GmbH & Co. KG to become SEISSENSCHMIDT Heat Treatment GmbH + Co. KG.
Dr. Ekkehard Körner is appointed to the board at SEISSENSCHMIDT AG.
HM 35 is added to the existing machinery.
2010 The machining hall of SEISSENSCHMIDT Components
Processing GmbH + Co. KG undergoes expansion.
New production line for SEISSENSCHMIDT Precision Components
Kft. in Hungary provides a new spectrum of parts.
2011 Purchase of a new office building to expand the area of administration..
2015 The transition of SEISSENSCHMIDT AG to GmbH (limited company) was completed on 1st June 2015 followed the Company's takeover by Linamar Group on January 15th, 2015