Our Products and their Application Areas

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Here you can see where our parts can be used.

Transmission Parts

Axle Parts

Engine Parts

Differential Parts

Other Parts

With our machinery, we are able to offer the technically and economically advantageous production for each part. 

Our automated multi-stage presses reach up to 180 strokes per minute, a part output of 10 800 parts per hour. We use one of the world's biggest machine for large and complex components in this area. It produces about 4000 parts per hour. With this machinery we produce parts with an outer diameter up to 180 mm and an operating weight up to 6 kilograms. Our product range includes both rotationally symmetric and asymmetric parts. 

In the conventional hot forming we offer an economical production of parts in small and medium batch sizes and components with special demands to the geometry. We also manufacture precision components weighing up to 7 kilograms. The diameter will be up to 180 mm.

Our forged parts have many advantages:

  • continuous fiber flow
  • optimum part strength for assured power transfer
  • diverse design possibilities
  • high production process reliability
  • homogeneous grain structure and thus high part strength
  • high precision

Forged parts are used in almost every modern car:

  • to transfer forces and motion
  • in applications with high static and dynamic loads
  • in high-wear applications
  • for space- and weight-saving designs


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